Operating Hours - 7 Days a Week
LUNCH: Mon-Fri & Sun : 12-3. No Lunch on Saturday
DINNER: Mon-Thu: 5-9:30 / Fri - Sat: 5-10:00 / Sun: 3-9
(631) 351-1200

About Bravo! Nader

This cozy restaurant has 12 tables and is located in a corner of Village of Huntington NY. It has been packed since Nader Gebrin, the chef and host opened the doors of Bravo! Nader in 1996.

Everyone who comes into his restaurant is family. It is not uncommon for Gebrin to squeeze up a seat with regular customers and present his extensive list – memorized because he created and cooked the specials – in a charming, boyish manner.

nader_weclome1His Italian kisses are provided as generously as his portions of fresh foods. There are more entrees on his Italian restaurant menu than there are tables and he tells customers that they can have anything they want, as long as the ingredients are on hand

Ever conscious of health everything is prepared fresh and nothing is ever fried. He uses very little cream in his cooking. On one recent day, oysters were as big as fists and the place was sweet with the smell of homemade sausage and cheese. He is as meticulous with preparation as with recipes; the specials looks wonderful on extra-large white platters, and tastes intermingle perfectly. People can even share a meal and go away satisfied. The homemade deserts include tiramisu, a rich napoleon and flan.